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Emerald & VIP Limousine Service(s)

 Limousine, Sedan or Van Reservation Application
Use this form to submit a reservation for limousine, sedan or van service(s). Please fill it out the best you can.  We will call you to go over the details if necessary, so please be sure to include your daytime phone number.

If your having trouble completing an On-Line Reservation please call us to make a telephone reservation.
Main office Albany 541.926.7617
Albany 541.926.7617 - Bend 888.546.6638 - Eugene 541.345.3655 - Salem 503.362.5556
Tigard/Beaverton/Gresham 503.972.0278 - National Toll Free 888.Limo.Net(888.546.6638)
FAX 541.926.9874
Snail Mail: 181 34th Ave SW Albany, OR 97322-3849
E-Mail: Reservations@Limo.Net

Effective January 1st, 2009 all reservations will have a 7% Fuel Surcharge added to the reservation.
 For World Wide Reservations use the link below.
Worldwide Reservation Form: Click here!

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For all America-Online (AOL) Users: Make sure you can receive your confirmation through AOL! Make sure your AOL Mail Controls are not set to block Internet email. If you have Internet email blocked, you will need to update your AOL Mail Controls. To make this update, enter the AOL Keyword 'Mail Controls' on AOL.

Date of Service required field
Number of Passengers required field
Event type 
 Time of Service:
Dinner, Prom etc. is not considered Split Service.  Split service is like 2 hours in the afternoon and then a transfer late in the evening (Ie. a Wedding destination transfer). This form accommodates two service intervals if you wish to do a "split" service.
Pickup time (start of service) required field required field
Drop off time required field required field

2nd Pickup time: 
2nd Drop off time: 
 Pickup Location:
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Airport Pickup location  [ Commercial Roadway ] [ Baggage Claim ] [ Meet & Greet @ Gate ]
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Nearest Cross Street required field
Phone # @ Point of Pickup required field **Please include A/C

Helpful Hints for the driver  ie: Our house is the one with NO numbers and white shutters.  We live abc  apartment complex.  Use the 2nd driveway.  2nd Building on the right.

Destination or (As Directed / To Be Announced) required field
Destination Address or Airport required field
Destination City required field
Destination Zip Code 
Nearest Cross Street 
Destination Phone # 
Select a Limousine, Sedan or Van....

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Beverage Ice:  We Require Ice    No Ice Needed
Surprise?  NO    YES
Payment Information

This form will go secure!  If you must see the little lock first you can use this link and start over.
If not just fill in the form and it will go secure BEFORE any data is transferred!

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Please Charge my card for: A Deposit Estimated rental charges
Add a 0%(Tip Chauffeur) 10% 15% 20% Gratuity for the Chauffeur. Most tipping guides suggest 15-20%.

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Want to make a reservation via FAX please use our PDF Reservation Form.

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Main office Albany 541.926.7617
Albany 541.926.7617 - Eugene 541.345.3655 - Salem 503.362.5556
Tigard/Beaverton/Gresham 503.972.0278 - National Toll Free 888.Limo.Net(888.546.6638)
FAX 541.926.9874
Snail Mail: 181 34th Ave SW Albany, OR 97322-3849

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