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Un-Lock a locked POP3 account {I receive repeated prompts for password}

Common POP/POP3 Errors

If you're setting up a POP3 E-Mail Client with to pickup your @Limo.Net (or Limo.Net Hosted mail powered by Google Apps mail for the first time, please ensure that you have enabled POP in your Google Apps mail and configured your mail client  correctly. For further instructions, please visit the Gmail Help Center. 

  • Make sure that your Google Apps password has at least 8 characters and clear a captcha for your email account.

    How to clear a captcha

    1. Disable all POP clients you're using to read mail. If you use one at work and one at home, please disable both.
    2. From the computer on which your POP logins are failing, visit
    3. Enter your email username( is NOT required) and password, and the letters in the distorted picture.
    4. Once you have successfully signed in, restart your mail client and try to download your mail.

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